Daily program's and event day's

We know what it’s like to sometimes wish we could do more to help our disabled child, or our child with alternate needs, to be better prepared and equipped for life. We know how important it is for our little sprouts to learn those all-important life skills, to find someone they can connect with, and to have the support they need to grow and flourish. That knowledge has been one of our guiding principles when bringing Support to Grow to life.

In addition to offering a range of individualised daily support services, we offer several special skills-building programs and group sessions throughout the year. These programs teach valuable practical skills to help your child to learn, grow, and confidently face life’s challenges.

We also organise and facilitate social gatherings with other children who are disabled or have alternative needs, to provide kids with the opportunity to socialise with peers in a safe space in which they can practice their newfound skills together.

“I water you; you water me; we grow together.” – Brandon Nembhard


2022, Term 1 to 4


We focus on positive mindsets and making and maintaining friendships
4pm - 6pm

Teen Groups

A safe space for teens 13-17 to socialise and gain aged appropriate communication skills
4pm - 6pm

Ladybugs Girls Social Group

All Ages inclusive social group for girls
4pm - 6pm

Dragonflies Boys Social Group

All ages inclusive social group for boys
4pm - 6pm

Social Night

Dinner and Movie night, All ages included
4pm - 7pm

Holiday Programs

Holiday programs run Monday – Friday (except Public Holidays)
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

All programs may incur a small activity fee as well as support fees.

Travel can be provided but will include travel fees.

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Programs » programs